Make sure you have everything you need to make homemade slime when the mood strikes! We have a ton of fun making slime around here and have tried out so many neat slime recipes that really are easy to make. Make sure to print out our free printable slime supplies checklist to keep handy, so you know what slime making ingredients you need for your next slime science project!


Free printable slime supplies checklist to go along with our homemade slime recipes. We also have a free printable slime recipes sheet, a list of recommended supplies for making slime, and a slime experiments worksheet to extend the learning. Our homemade slime includes borax slime, liquid starch slime, fluffy slime, saline slime, edible slime, and more!

This handy (and free) printable slime supplies checklist is perfect for making several of our most popular slime recipes! You can easily print it out and laminate it along with our printable slime recipes sheet. This way you can easily be prepared to make cool homemade slime anytime. (Download available below)

Make sure to check out our recommended supplies for making slime to see just what we are talking about. Plus, slime is science and you can read all about the science behind the slime here.

Here are a few of our traditional and most used recipes for making homemade slime. We have tons more including many alternative slime recipes that include taste safe ideas, borax free ideas, and more!

Click on each of the black boxes below to see step by step photo instructions.

Here’s your slime supplies checklist!

Making slime only works when you have everything you need! Don’t be caught off guard with missing ingredients. You will find the items listed below are what you need to test out borax slime, liquid starch slime, saline slime, fluffy slime, and flubber.

I also add a few additional ingredients to try out some neat slimes like sand slime, magnetic slime, and fiber gel slime (taste safe).

Click on the black box to download. The page should open up immediately for you and you can use your computers print feature to print a copy. If it doesn’t open immediately, check your downloads folder, open and print from there!

We don’t just do slime! Check out more cool ideas.


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