I just love Halloween and so does my son! We also love slime, especially easy slime like our homemade liquid starch slime recipe! Add a little squishy science and sensory play to your Halloween fun! Why not stick this super easy slime right in a pumpkin! That’s what we did with awesome results. Make easy slime anytime of the year with our 3 ingredient recipe!

Make Easy Slime For Halloween Sensory Play

Pumpkin Easy Slime for Halloween Fall Sensory Play Science Activity

Easy slime and Halloween! How perfect is that combination. Our easy slime is truly easy and pretty much foolproof. Grab a few ingredients, our homemade, easy slime recipe and some fun Halloween accessories for great sensory play. Also check out this very cool bat slime for Halloween as well. It’s translucent and very fascinating using our easy slime recipe too! We have toms of fabulous Halloween Sensory Play activities to keep you busy!

Easy Slime For Halloween Set Up

We have been loving easy slime for sensory play this season and have made several variations with different ingredients! Check out our easy, clear bat slime and our dollar store glue Halloween slime too! Halloween is an awesome time to come with great not so spooky sensory play ideas and this easy slime is perfect! All you need is our easy Homemade Slime recipe to get started!

Supplies needed for easy slime:

  • Elmers Washable Glue
  • Saline Solution
  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Food Coloring (optional)
  • Pumpkin, Halloween novelty items


easy slime halloween sensory play set up and invitation to play

We experimented with fun little plastic pots,  pumpkins, jack o lantern buttons, and googley eyes (his favorite)! I didn’t even realize the great early learning and fine motor play that would happen with these eyes )dollar store). He separated colors, counted and used his pincer grasp (thumb and first finger) to pick up the eyes. He hid them in our easy slime and watched them ooze out!

easy slime halloween sensory play monster eyes

Our first jack o lantern of the season! This easy slime was perfect for it! We had a very mini pumpkin available from our activity on exploring Fall colors with gourds. We carved it together (I used the knife!) and he stuffed it with slime. Make sure you have a small pumpkin or enough slime so that it can fill the pumpkin! We got a great ooze here!

easy slime halloween slime in a pumpkin jack o lantern

We had so much fun exploring this easy slime together. I love it too! Setting up this fun Halloween invitation to explore our easy slime was a perfect afternoon treat! Please check out all the wonderful activities in this month’s All Things Kids blog hop! Happy Halloween!

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  1. I can’t seem to find all the ingredients for slime, especially bat slime. I need to have the measurements. Am I blind?

  2. There is a link to hometrainingtools.com the website where I found the recipe. I can’t publish the entire recipe as my own.

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