Patriotic Sensory Play

Invitation To Create A Patriotic Sensory Bin

patriotic sensory play

Late Spring and Summer invite so many wonderful and colorful activities. There is no better color combination than red, white and blue. Although Liam is a bit young to understand the true meaning of these days that pay tribute to and thank our past and present soldiers, he can understand the importance of the flag and how we represent it and care for it! Our big rule is the flag is never on the ground!

Create A Red, White,  And Blue Sensory Bin To Celebrate And Remember!

I made him an invitation to play that celebrates our flag and the three beautiful colors that go into it! This time around, I gave him the opportunity to assemble the bin as he wished rather than presenting him with an already made sensory bin. He seems to enjoy process and because his attention can be fleeting, I felt if he worked at putting it together it might engage him for a few extra minutes! I set out the filler and the goodies next  to an empty bin and eagerly waited to see what he would do with it all. What an open ended invitation to explore for my little guy.

Patriotic Sensory Bin Easy Set Up

Our sensory bin invitation including lots of fun items! The sensory bin filler is colored rice, so easy and simple to make! Check out how we make colored rice in the morning and play with it in the afternoon in this rainbow rice sensory post! It is also another great invitation to create a sensory bin. I picked out whatever red, white, and blue things from my supplies I could find. Pompoms, pipe cleaners, counting bears, gems and fun scoops, buckets and trays!

patriotic sensory play set up

Liam really enjoyed the assemble part of the sensory bin and it did extend his play for sure. Lots of opportunity for fine motor work, even just opening the bags of rice! He sorted, stuffed, dumped, filled, scooped, counted and examined all the objects.

Patriotic Sensory Play Making A Sensory Bin

Letter Matching and Alphabet Activity

I printed out a flag and wrote the alphabet on it. His job was to match the letters on the cubes to the letters on the paper. He chose to make an alphabet tower afterwards!

Patriotic Sensory Play Letter Recognition

More Red, White And Blue Sensory Play: Messy Play

Since we love sensory play with shaving cream we finished our flag fun with a mini muffin tin filled with red, white and blue shaving cream to explore. I hid some of the bears inside the muffin tin for him to dig out. We all got a bit messy!

patriotic sensory play shaving cream play

A simple red, whit and blue themed bin is great fun for learning about the flag!

Here’s another fun idea for any patriotic holiday or learning about the USA!

Baking Soda Science with cookie cutters!

4th july baking soda


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  1. Your sensory bin is different then what I have been doing and I love it! I love the idea of the red, white, and blue shaving cream. I don’t think I have seen those alphabet cubes before. Those have really peeked my interest. Where can one purchase those?

  2. Great ideas! I love patriotic themes. We will have to get a sensory bin going this summer.

    Visiting from Teach Me Tuesday Linky.

  3. Thank you for taking a look, so glad you did! I have seen them on amazon. They are by unifix. I was lucky to find them at a second hand store!

  4. Really neat idea! I love teaching children to love their country! What exactly did you have for the sensory bin? Thanks!!

  5. Yes, it’s been a helpful tool plus he can work on his pouring skills and opening skills!

  6. Let’s see…
    I have colored rice (easy to dye), sorting bears & frogs (from a set), pom poms, pipe cleaners, gems, dollar store scoop, watering can, ice cube trays. Basically anything red white and blue that I could find!

  7. We will be featuring your post on a HUGE list of Rainy Day Summer Play activities on Share It Saturday this weekend! We will be sharing with all of our followers on our social media sites (including group boards and communities!!) Thanks for sharing with us at Share It Saturday!
    Colleen at

  8. I have been looking for an ice cube tray with 10 openings–that star one is PERFECT for learning about ten frames. Off to search Amazon. 😉

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