Repurposed Play Ideas for Kids

10 Repurposed Everyday Play Ideas For Kids

10 Simple Ideas for Everyday Play

Easy Ways To Repurpose Common Items

Repurposed play ideas! Use what you’ve got! What a great concept to teach young children. Take a look around and make your own fun with simple and easy repurposed play ideas. Invent something new out of something old. I save as much as I can and re-use as many items as I can. I have written all about our activities on a budget with reusing, recycling and repurposing our play activities! Helpful hint: Grab a large, empty container and fill it with bits and pieces to create your repurposed play ideas. From cardboard tubes to plastic containers, there’s a new purpose for everything we have! Let’s create new activities from old items.

10 Repurposed Play Ideas

Styrofoam Engineering with Golf Tees and Rubber Bands

The dense styrofoam inside boxes is great for the young builder!

Shredded Paper Sensory Bin

Empty the paper shredder into a large bin and add imagination!

Paper Towel Tube Marble Run and Sensory Bin

Save all sorts of cardboard tubes. Add some tape and the side of your fridge for a quick and entertaining activity!

Party Cup Early Learning Games

Pick up a large pack and you have all sorts of learning opportunities and just good old fun too!

Plastic Cup Learning Games For Kids Quick And Easy Play

Wholesale Food Box Play Ideas

Do you shop at large food warehouses? These boxes are always available. Super sturdy for all kinds of play!

wholesale boxes

DIY Recycled Sensory or Discovery Bottles

These are fun and easy to make. We make all sorts of sensory bottles!

8 Science Discovery Bottles

Scissor Skills Play

Save ribbons, bows, cool paper and more for practicing scissor skills while having fun!

Cutting Practice Scissor Skills Play

Cardboard STEM {plus even more STEM Ideas}

Cut up a cardboard box and make a simple but very cool building toy!

Christmas tree STEM activity with cardboard Christmas trees

Post Card or Holiday Card Puzzles 

Grab a stack of post cards, old cards, food boxes or whatever and make puzzles!

Christmas Fine Motor Skills Scissor Skills Cutting Practice

Junk Drawer Ice Melt

This is super cool {brrr…} Make these easy milk carton ice melts the day before for easy science and sensory play!

junk drawer ice melt preparing ice

Sight Word or Name Game

Make learning fun and easy. Recycle an oatmeal container into a game. Then use it for a super hero castle {like we did}!

Sight Words and Name Game 99 Fine Motor Activities

Popsicle Stick Catapults

A few simple items and you have awesome catapults that even entertain adults!

Popsicle Stick Catapults for Kids STEM Activity

Candy, Candy and more Candy

Gumdrop STEM


Repurposed play ideas makes being at home fun and exciting while encouraging your child to think outside the box and explore new ideas!

There are so many ways to create repurposed play ideas and use what you already have depending on your kid’s interests!

More Ways to Look at What You Have Around…

  • Turn cardboard boxes into amazing things with just a bit of imagination or simply draw pictures all over it!
  • Turn your recyclable containers into a drum set with some wooden spoons!
  • Practice math by filling up different size containers with water. How much does it hold? Is it more or less than that one?
  • Grab newspaper or magazines to be recycled and make an indoor ball game! Grab a laundry basket and practice your toss!

    Repurposed Ideas for Everyday Play

20 Activities Recycle Recreate


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