Christmas Sensory Bin

Sand Ornament sensory play Christmas Sensory Bin

Colored Craft Sand and Ornament Sensory Play

Since Christmas is just a short time away, I wanted to create a simple Christmas sensory bin to celebrate the holidays. We have already enjoyed a Christmas rice sensory bin and a Christmas magnet sensory bin! I came up with this very easy Sand Ornament Christmas Sensory Bin! I found myself playing with it just as much as he did! The simpler the better and this one uses some great skills, too from scooping, pouring, transferring, grasping and gripping! We have so many favorite sensory bin fillers.

Christmas Sensory Bin Set Up

  • colored green craft sand
  • plastic globe ornaments
  • shiny beads
  • funnels
  • small containers
  • small scoops or measuring spoons

Combine all the materials in one sensory bin container for stress free play! So easy!

Christmas Sensory Bin Play

sand ornament Christmas Sensory Bin Play

His favorite part was clearly the funnel and scooping in the sand. The beads were more in the way for him but he did fill a few of the ornaments a bit before moving back to the sand! Great Christmas fine motor skills too. 

Sand Christmas Sensory Bin Funnel Play

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  1. First I love your title “Little Bins for Little Hands”, that is awesome, really! Also this is a great listing for my little ones. And the Sand Ornament Sensory Bin is a great craft for my children and I when it’s cold, wet, and snowy outside! A fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
    Thanks for the great post!

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