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Preschool Science Sensory Play and Learning

Science Activities 20 Quick Ideas

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Saturday Science is one of my favorite times of the week! However, as Liam gets older, we are doing more and more science oriented activities. Our favorites are still the ones that include a bit of sensory play as well. Lately we have been focusing on slimes (check some out here and here)! We always enjoy a good baking soda activity and blowing bubbles. Make sure to check out all the awesome Saturday Science posts as part of the blog hop!

Why Preschool Science?

Preschoolers are curious creatures. Science experiments, even very simple experiments fuel their curiosity for the world. Learning how to observe, how to talk about what they see and how to predict what might happen are amazing tools for the future! Experiments increase practical life and fine motor skills not to mention math and literacy skills.

Science Activities Around The House

Playful preschool science activities to get kids involved in learning! We love to play and learn at home but we don’t love spending a lot of money to do our science activities! Learning can come in many unexpected ways using such simple materials! We are all about hands on learning here, so I try to limit the amount of talking and waiting that might be involved with more complex science activities. Also repeating activities with variety is an awesome way to increase learning!

Science Activities Around The House

The first two science activities are some of our newest ones! I will briefly explain the how to’s below. The rest are ones that we have tried before you might have missed, click on the photo to take you to the full post. Remember these science activities are meant to spark conversation, observation, exploration and more without being too scientific! Great for the early learner in your house! Learning can happen all around the house, everyday, with what you already have!

Tip: Don’t provide the answers, ask the questions!


What do you think? What will happen if? Where should this go? Why?


Magnet Tray Play

We used our awesome magnet set, trains, and odds and ends from around the house to text out with our magnet wands and magnetic bar. See if you can push a train without touching it! Check out magnetic discs on a mirror. Is a clothespin magnetic?  Science activities magnet play around the house

Magic Milk Science Play 

Supplies needed: whole milk, dawn dish soap, q tips, food coloring. Add a thin layer of milk to cover the bottom of each section and squeeze in food coloring. Now dip your q tip in dish soap and touch the surface of the milk. Watch the swirls! Create art with science play! Read about the science here. Science activities magic milk quick kitchen science

Then microwave some ivory soap and see what happens…. grab some shaving cream and water bottles to study weather!

Ivory Soap Sensory Science Experiment   weather science experiments indoors activity

Learn about the 5 Senses and reflections

5 senses activity discovery table   Mirror Play Hands On Play Party 13


and then learn About Color Mixing (2 Ways)


Fizzy baking soda science color mixing and Icy science color mixing


color mixing fizzing science Frozen Color Mixing Science proprioceptive sensory play with color mixing water play


Use Seasonal Fruits To Explore Science



Apple Science Activity How An Apple Grows Erupting Apple Science Fizzy Sensory Play apple oobleck made with apple sauce solids liquids sensory science


Pumpkin Activities for Preschool play and learn   Pumpkin Oobleck Science Sensory Play with Pumpkin guts  Pumpkin Cano Easy Sensory Science

Or simply get your body moving and test out gravity….

gravity preschool science experiment activity

Play With Water…

Water Absorption Science Experiment For Kids What Absorbs And What Does Not AbsorbI is For Ice ABCs of Nature Activity dollar store preschool science activity

or blow some bubbles..

Bubble Science Bouncing Bubble

and make things fizz or erupt )click through for 4 fun and different ideas)

eruption chemistry science activity baking soda vinegar lemon and lime juice

 Finish up with a batch of simple glow in the dark slime…

glowing slime sensory play ideas


Bonus: Use Up That Candy!

christmas candy science experiment activity

Find playful ways to enjoy science activities around your house!


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Science Around The House

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