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pre writing skills

What is sensory play? Sensory play is an awesome tool to help all children engage, explore, create and discover within their environment. Some children, like my son have a sensory processing disorder which makes engaging with his environment and us difficult. We have found that different sensory bins, sensory bin fillers and fun activities within the sensory bins have helped him to open up with us and have some fun while also learning great skills. I hope you will take a moment and head over to B-Inspired Mama and see all the great ideas my son had for his sensory bin including a bit of free play at the end. Open up your pantry today and try something new!


Are you working on pre-writing skills? Do your kids love play? I love to use sensory play with my son. He becomes so engaged in play that uses sensory play as a part of it! Skills that would otherwise be tough to sit with him and do are so much more fun when we add a sensory element to it! I am a regular mama contributor over at B-Inspired Mama! Click on over to B-Inspired Mama to see how we practiced pre-writing skills using sensory play, TOOBs animals and chopsticks. My son loves to pair sensory play with everything and it’s great for practicing lines and letters and fine motor skills in general! All while having fun!