What a mess! Everything was everywhere until lunch time yesterday. I was feeling pretty overrun in our pretty big house. My husband was feeling like all the home schooling stuff was taking over our everyday life. The table was covered so we could barely eat together and the counters were so full I couldn’t effectively make dinner for us to eat without grumbling over lack of space. The back of the couch had little piles of stuff and papers. The storage closet was in disarray. Things were thrown, piled, and precariously stacked everywhere. Part of the problem was lack of places to put things and part of it was my procrastination in putting things back in their places!

I don’t like clutter. Period. I like a clear counter top and I like a cleaned off table top. I wish I could throw more stuff away but I don’t. I would like to have less non-essential stuff but I don’t. The one thing I do make sure we don’t have a lot of is flat table surfaces for stuff to creep onto! I am constantly at the kitchen counter sorting out papers and stray bits of toys. Seriously contemplating a whole house purge through the summer! Anything untouched in the last year probably won’t get touched again so good-bye!

The closet. I have been putting off cleaning out my little storage closet for a while now. I have been consistently sticking things in here and there, sort of balancing them and closing the door really fast. Yesterday was the day to open it and pull everything out. The closet is really quite a large space though the opening is smaller than the size of the actual shelves, so although an item should fit, I can’t always get it inside. Also the closet is a bit deep so things get lost in the back. Really, I need more than just this little closet! Because of this, I decided that I would use my unused over the door shoe rack to organize all the small things. Then the closet can hold the bigger items and everything will stay neat. I had to hang the shoe holder on the bathroom door since the closet door is to small but they are really right next to each other so it works nicely and is out of sight for the most part. (These are after photos!)




Everything went in zip top bags and got their own special compartment in the shoe holder. Pom poms, shells, gems, letter tiles, letter magnets, Toobs, glue, beads, you name it and it has its own pouch! I still even have a few empty ones that a trip to the dollar store will surely fill! Large items and items that wouldn’t fit into the shoe compartments go in the closet. Baskets, trays, containers, games and puzzles and large bags of sensory bin filler all have a neat spot!


In addition to the closet and shoe organizer, I have a tall Rubbermaid storage unit with pull out containers that each have their own hinged lid. Little bits of thing, print outs, manipulatives and lots of tongs are neatly stored in their own section. This is still a work in progress but at least everything has a home.




Lastly, underneath my large sensory bin that is on legs, I keep some favorite sensory bins available for easy play along with a quick grab bin of dot markers, markers, paper, and scissors.


Yes, I would prefer if I didn’t have to look at all of this stuff all the time but the fact is, it’s not going to happen. I can’t do what I do with Liam if the stuff isn’t readily available. Yes, I should be a little bit (well a lot more) diligent about putting stuff away when I am done. The fact is by the time I am done, I am just tired all around. However, I am hoping that because things have better places to go, they will end up back there quicker! Then I can reclaim some clear space.

P.S. I would take a photo of a cleaned off kitchen table but we are school work is all over it still!

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