Our Ultimate Sensory Play Party has changed to the Hands-On Play Party! Please link up a few hands-on play activities you have enjoyed with your children or in your classroom!

Simple Play for Kids

simple play round up

What is simple play for kids? Simple play means something different to everyone. To me, simple play is playtime that doesn’t require much to get started. No trip to the store, no real planning or prep and certainly no real money spent.

I like to think it is what you already have used in a different way or for different play. I chose these ideas for simple play based on just that. I also took into consideration that you may not have snow! All of these are really doable, and I through in our own simple play from last week, fort building!

Nature Exploration, Playing with Thin Ice from What We Do All Day

Glow In The Dark Musical Instruments from Happily Ever Mom

Small World Pretend Play Cardboard Box from Sugar Aunts

Homemade Scented Finger Paints from Parenting Chaos

Easy Egg Carton Ice Cube Snowman from Capri + 3

What kind of simple play will you do this week?



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