Preschool Water Science Experiment

Basic Water Displacement!

Water displacement science experiment

Saturday Science is one of our favorite days!

We have a lot of fun with water science experiments if you haven’t noticed. There are so many ways to use this simple ingredient, that just about anyone can set up our experiments without having to buy anything! This Saturday, we took a look at the basic idea of water displacement. This would also be a great experiment for the whole family to do together and older kids can work on more complex  and mathematical scientific observations while the younger kids explore and discover! I set up this simple water science experiment as a sensory bin for continued free play later!

water displacement science experiment sensory bin


Simple water science experiment set up

water displacement science experiment easy set up


I chose three smaller vases and filled them about half way with water, more is ok too and may have been a little better on hind sight! I placed everything with in a bin to contain the water spilling over and to provide a place to play after we were finished with the experiment. I also included three different fillers in the bin for him to use. I chose rocks, shells and glass gems or marbles. Each vase was given a different animal/insect and the goal was to bring the water level up to each one! Before we started I asked Liam what he thought would happen as he added more rocks to the vase. He quickly said the water will go up! Yep, he was right. I told him to show me!

water displacement science experiment turtle and rocks

water displacement science experiment frog and shells


water displacement science experiment butterfly and marbles


He had so much fun making the water rise. I encouraged him to do it slowly and watch what was happening with his experiment. He continually made the observation of the water rising higher and got really excited when it was just about to spill over! He definitely enjoyed having a few vases of water to try out the experiment. I used the word displacement with him a few times and talked with him about how the rocks, shells and marbles displace the water by making less room for the water in the vase.

Turning the water science experiment into sensory play.

water displacement science experiment sensory play


When we were all done he asked to make a pond with the water and fillers and animals/insects. Exactly my thoughts! He dumped out all the fillers and water and played around with his pond in the sensory bin. What a wonderful extension of our simple water science experiement with a water sensory bin too!

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  1. Sarah, this is such a great idea! I love how you extended the activity by turning into a pond. I’ll be doing this with my daughter!

  2. Thanks Emma. Definitely trying to show him there are several ways to play with activities!

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