Snow Day Play for Kids!

Snow Day Play Ideas for Kids 10 Indoor activities for kids no prep

Simple activities to set up that use what’s on hand!

We need snow day activities to keep busy, have fun, and get some energy out! Now the tough part about a snow day is that you can’t always gather a bunch of crafts, materials or super fun things because of the weather. You have to find fun in what you already have. You may not have the exact materials I have for each of these winter activities,  each home is different, but I guarantee you have what you need to try each activity!

10 Simple Snow Day Play Ideas for Kids

1. Hidden Puzzles

Take a puzzle and hide it around the house! Works for many age levels and you can do one for each child and they work together to help each other. Keep the lights dim and give them a flashlight! I hid these little heart containers around the house. Do you have easter eggs? Random boxes or gift bags? Or, just the pieces!

puzzle play heart boxes

2. Junk Drawer Ice Melt

Grab a milk carton or plastic container and make an easy ice melt to keep the kids busy. Just freeze and play! We have tons of icy ideas to check out here!

junk drawer ice melt preparing ice

3. Blow Some Bubbles!

We tried out different kinds of straws too! If you have corn syrup try this bubble activity that’s super cool too. Make a bouncing bubble or test out kitchen utensils to blow bubbles!

bubble blowing

4. Play with boxes!

Also check out your recycle bin for fun ideas. Easy substitutions for the ball game include baskets, laundry bins, totes. Use crumpled paper or rolled socks for balls! Other ideas for using boxes included too!

cardboard box ball game on the floor


5. Paper Roll Drawing with Cars

Easy Substitutions!  Don’t have a roll, lay out single sheets like a road on the floor! Add whatever else your kids enjoy and you have on hand!


paper roll drawing play

6. Snow Melt Science Activity

Might as well bring it inside and test it! Makes a great little sensory bin too!

Snow Science Winter Snow Melting Activity Sensory Science Play

7. How Many Ways Can You Test Gravity?

Jump, slide, throw, push test the gravity of objects all around the house!

gravity preschool science experiment activity


8. Build A Fort! Make a hideout or reading nook!

Take some chairs and blanket and gather books or stuffed animals. What about a picnic?

fort building and play

9. What Absorbs and What Does Not?

Poke around your cabinets to get supplies! Wax paper, napkins, old socks. I bet you have what you need! Turkey baster? No, well a spoon will work too!

water absorption side bar



10. Sink or float?

Easy sink and float around the house. Check out all of our science discovery jars/bottles to see what you can make! Any container or bottle will do!
science discovery bottles sink or float making predictions

11. Hide things in Play Dough & Homemade Cardboard Zoo!

Hide whatever you have just like the ice melt only let your child search through play dough. Marbles, googly eyes, mini legos, beads, barbie shoes! Makes a great sensory search and find and fine motor activity for small hands!

zoo themed fine motor skills tweezer work

I hope you have found some awesome snow day winter activities to help mix up your snow day! Remember to use them as a frame for your own activities based on what you have and what your kids enjoy. Each one of these can be modified in so many ways for fun play and learning opportunities!

What will your snow day play be today?

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  1. This is a great list of ideas. We’ve been having to get creative here too, since it’s sooooooo cold we’ve been stuck indoors for days and days and days. Thanks for sharing.

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