If you haven’t pulled out the sharpies for some quick art and science, nows the time. Grab a white pumpkin while you are at it and create your own no carve pumpkin decor. If you love to give your STEM or STEAM {add some art to STEM} activities a seasonal flair, then adding a white pumpkin is perfect. Our pumpkin art science project is the perfect way to explore art and science this fall.

Pumpkin Art Science Project Fall STEM


Sharpie science is really a classic science activity that we haven’t played around with much, but now I think I have peaked my son’s interest. Hopefully, we will be doing more very soon! So is this art or is it science? It’s a bit of both but I think my son really enjoyed the science end of it more. However, if you want to incorporate a little art into your STEM to make STEAM, this is perfect. Even for the not so artsy kids.


Small White Pumpkin

Sharpie Markers

Rubbing Alcohol {in a cup}


Plate and Paper Towels

Something to prop up the pumpkin with like a piece of pool noodle {optional}.


Use the sharpies to color the pumpkin as much as possible. I showed my son how to use the side of the marker tip to really apply color! Use all the colors you want for your pumpkin art science project, make a rainbow! You can also just leave the sharpie as is on the pumpkin and make some fun designs like we did here.

Pumpkin Decorating Art Process



Use the eyedropper to suck up a little bit of the rubbing alcohol. Squeeze the eyedropper slowly to let out just a few drops slowly. Watch what happens! I did make sure to soak up excess alcohol around the stem with a paper towel.


What’s happening between the sharpie and the alcohol. A sharpie is generally a permanent marker, water will not make it run. But rubbing alcohol does! You are testing the solubility of the sharpie. By applying the alcohol, you are showing that the  Sharpie will dissolve in alcohol. Your Crayola Washable markers will also dissolve but with water. We tried using markers here for our coffee filter science activity.

Dr. Seuss Tie Dyed Coffee Filter Art and Science Activity

Have you ever made a drawing with a pen or marker and then gotten the page wet accidentally? What happens? You can see the ink start to run and spread. The water is dissolving the ink. You can see the Sharpie ink dissolving below with the blue drop that is making it’s way down the side of the pumpkin.


The pumpkin dries nicely and looks great. It’s not our greatest tie dye look, but it’s cool art and science with a pumpkin.


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