Super quick and easy to set up spider sensory bin for kids! Practice counting and fine motor skills while engaging in tactile sensory play. This simple fine motor sensory bin is perfect for early childhood development and young kids.

Spider Sensory Bin

Spider sensory bin fine motor and math sensory play

Simple Sensory Play For Fine Motor And Math Skills

Sensory bins can be a useful tool to engage a child and practice fine motor skills as well as other early learning skills like counting! Read more about the importance of sensory bins and everything you need to know to get started, here! It’s an excellent resource that answers many key questions about  sensory bin use with children.

Materials Needed

black beans or black aquarium rocks (non-food) sensory filler

black plastic spiders

tweezers for grabbing spiders (very young kids can just practice with fingers and pincer grasp!)

small container to catch spiders

bin to hold it all

Assemble your black beans and spider sensory bin and you are good to go!

Easy Ways To Play And Learn With This Spider Sensory Bin

Allow time to explore sensory bin without direction to satisfy sensory needs, filling dumping, etc!

Use tweezers to catch spiders and put in container

Count spiders

*Make it a game by adding dice, take turns rolling and catching spiders. Count spiders to see who wins

*Add a timer and see how long it takes your child to catch all the spiders using tweezers

Spider Sensory bin Fine Motor Play And Counting Skills work

What would you add to a spider sensory bin?

This is a super quick and easy sensory play activity to throw together with lots of room for play and learning! What else can you add? Turn it into a literacy sensory bin for letter recognition by adding alphabet pony beads or letter magnets too. Grab a book about spiders too! Endless possibilities.



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