Explore toddler and preschool fin motor activities that go beyond holding a pencil or crayon! Our spring-themed fine motor activities tray is just what you need to encourage little hands to do big work! Plus, they will be begging for another tray because this one was so much fun!

Spring Fine Motor Activities Tray

Spring Fine Motor Mini Activity Tray

Mini Fine Motor Activities To Enjoy

Learn through play, practice through play, and develop life long skills through play! Fine Motor Skills for us is handwork, strengthening the hand muscles and working on finger grips/grasps that will prove so useful as he gets older!

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Grab a dollar store party chip and dip tray to set up mini activities that will really keep the kiddos engaged! Make sure your fine motor activities for kids are fun, and you will have them practicing for a long time!

  • clothespins and pompoms
  • play dough
  • tweezers and dried beans
  • squirt bottle and cloth
  • scissors and paper
  • stickers

Spring Mini Fine Motor Activities Tray Set-Up

Spring Fine Motor Activity Tray Set Up 1

Spring Fine Motor Activity Tray Set Up

6 Mini  Fine Motor Activities for Fun! 

Preschool-age children love novelty! Make a little Spring fine motor activities tray full of surprises! For all of these activities, I helped him use his thumb and first two fingers. We are getting ready for a strong pencil grasp!

Squirt Bottle Table Cleaning

Spring Fine Motor Activity Squirt Bottle

Play Dough Filled Carrot with Mini Carrots to Plant

Spring Fine Motor Activity Carrot Play Dough

Bird Seed Tweezer Transfer: Feed the Birdy

Spring Fine Motor Activity Bird Seed Transfer

Scissor Skills Shape Cutting

Spring Fine Motor Activity Scissor Skills

Sun and Smiley Face Sticker Activity

Spring Fine Motor Activity Stickers

Clothes Pin Pompom Fill The Easter Egg Activity

Spring Fine Motor Clothes Pin Pom Pom Transfer

 Liam has always enjoyed our tray work and these Spring fine motor activities are just the perfect length of time to keep him occupied and interested! Each one is so different and unique, it’s fun for him to pick the next one to try!

Another Fun Mini Fine Motor Tray Idea!

mini activity fine motor skills tray

Practicing fine motor skills can be fun and simple to do anytime! We love simple to set up activities at home using what we have and a little creativity!


Yarn Wrapped Rainbow from School Time Snippets

Hammering Water Beads from Lalymom

Easter Fine Motor Activity with Tongs from Craftulate

20 Ways Siblings Can Help with a New Baby from Still Playing School

Easy Box & Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Skills from Powerful Mothering

 More fun Spring Activities for Kids here!

spring activities for kids page

Looking for easy to print activities? 

We have you covered…

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  1. Wow! So many fantastic ideas! My toddler really loves playing with clothes pins, so we’ll have to try that one out for sure! I also really love the playdough and bird feeding activities. How fun!

  2. I love your themed trays! Thanks for posting such fun ideas. I’m going to work on our Spring/Easter tray this week and will be checking back on your post for ideas.

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