Green colored rice makes for an awesome spring sensory bin! Rice is definitely one of our favorite sensory bin fillers. Green colored rice is simple to make yourself. Put together this quick and easy sensory bin for fun sensory rice play this spring.

Green Sensory Rice Play

Sensory Play With Rice

Colored rice is easy to dye yourself at home, as well as simple to store and reuse! I thought green colored would be great for spring or even St Patrick’s Day sensory play.

There are so many benefits to sensory bins. For us, the most important part is getting into it and really feeling the materials offered. The sense of touch is powerful, alerting or calming! That’s why rice is a good sensory bin filler. Plus, it is safe for little hands!

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Enjoy simple sensory bin play with your children. I love how versatile sensory bins can be for early childhood learning and development. Make sure to check out the resources featured below for more ways to build a green rice sensory bin and enjoy sensory play in your home or school setting.

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Green Sensory Rice Bin


  • White rice
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring
  • Paper plates and paper towels
  • Containers or bags for mixing rice
  • Larger container for the sensory bin
  • scoops, containers etc. for play

Sensory Rice Bin Set Up:

STEP 1. Dye your rice.

I dyed multiple shades of green rice one night. Simple to do! 1 cup of rice, 1/2 tsp of vinegar, and green food coloring! Put in a container and shake vigorously until well coated. Spread on a paper towel to dry.

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STEP 2. Add the rice to your storage bin.

I chose to put the rice in myself in the sensory bin to see how I did with my coloring process. You can see a few different shades of green.

STEP 3. Green rice play!

I didn’t want to put anything else in the bin. Instead I chose to place several scoops and spoons nearby for self direction play. Totally his choice!

green rice sensory bin set up

Green Colored Rice Sensory Play

My son found some PVC piping and had a lot of fun with filling it and watching it pour out! We did quite a bit of filling and dumping. We filled, scooped, sifted and so much more AND we talked about it altogether.

I will use this green colored rice for some more fun rice sensory bins and activities as we go through the month! This was his opportunity to explore the sensory bin without any expectations, skills practice or direction for pretend play. This spring green colored rice bin was a relaxing experience for everyone!

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green rice sensory bin play


Enjoy Simple Spring Sensory Rice Play with Green Colored Rice!

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  1. I am a grandmother with a 3 3/4 old granddaughter who spends 2 evenings a week with us and need new ideas. thank you. I am a retired nurse and recreation director but need new ideas!

  2. Terrific. I think you will find plenty here! I started this when Liam was 3 and now is 4.6! Let me know if you ever have any questions. I always answer messages on Facebook if you are following along!

  3. I wonder if that’s true for a lot of children. My daughter is content with just a bowl, a spoon, and a bin of rice, even uncolored. Maybe it’s us who want to make it more elaborate, but the kids are happy with the simple way!

  4. I think so at least for us Emma. We see so many pin-beautiful sensory bins that I think it makes us feel like we have to create more than we need to or than our children need!

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