Christmas in a bottle with simple to make Christmas sensory bottles that double as I Spy games for kids! Make a few different bottles and take them on a go or use them as a quiet time activity during the holidays. Sensory bottles are awesome for visual sensory play and are often called calm down bottles for relaxing and reducing anxiety.  


Christmas Sensory Bottles and I Spy Games for Kids Visual Sensory Play

I spy bottles for sensory search and finds are quick and easy to make and perfect for travel too! Holidays can mean dinners out, parties, trips to see family and friends and more out of the routine activities. I made these simple I spy bottles to stash in my bag for a quick play activity no matter where we are. Check out our I Spy Christmas Tree Game.

Write out the list of items or snap a picture with your smartphone and you are good to go! I spy bottles make a great quiet time activity, car activity, or calm down activity for all kids! We are always making some sort of sensory bottles and science discovery bottles.



Water bottles {we like VOSS brand}

sensory fillers {our favorites}

Christmas and or Winter themed items

A funnel and scoop are great for easy filling

Grab some empty water bottles. I am partial to these fun VOS bottles but any will do! Check out my recycled sensory bottles to see just how any bottle will work! These bottles are a bit pricier but hold up nicely to repeated use. Note: Not dishwasher friendly!

I Spy Bottle Christmas search and find lists


The fun part of putting together your Christmas sensory bottles is gathering your items! I chose 20 unique items for each bottle so we would know when they were all found! You can do a few things with this.

take a photo of your items and store on smartphone or tablet for quick use when out and about

make a written list of items to cross off when found

print out a photo of items to check off when found

I Spy Bottle filling with funnel Christmas sensory

We used  colored rice, poly-fill pellets, and colored pasta for our Christmas themed I Spy bottles. Make sure to check out favorite sensory fillers and non food fillers to find your favorites! Use a funnel and scoop and alternate filler with items so everything is evenly distributed.

I Spy Bottle Rice Christmas Sensory Search Set Up

I suggest placing items that are one sided, at the end and pushing them design side out along the sides of the bottle. Some of ours got stuck the worn way. Still fun either way! Avoid the problem all together by using items that work on both sides!

We made a melted snowman or wintery snowman I spy bottle, a Christmas tree I spy bottle, and a holiday themed I Spy Bottle. Craft stores have all sorts of little items often on sale. Package carefully, save, and reuse your items next year!

I Spy Bottle Christmas winter theme Inside Bottle Contents Visual sensory play

These I spy Christmas sensory bottles can be anytime fun. Often he will stop for a few minutes and have a look or just shake it up for the next person! Add one to a quiet corner or a calm down area as well. These I spy bottles make great simple sensory solutions!

I Spy Christmas search and find sensory bottles


Click on the photos below for more fun and simple activities this Christmas!

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