St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Activities for Kids

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St Patricks Fine Motor Play Activities


Fine Motor Skills 

Welcome to another great week of the Fine Motor Fridays Blog Hop! I love Fridays and our chance to show off some great fine motor activities for kids happening over here! Hands-on play really facilitates fine motor skills work. Learn through play, practice through play, and develop life long skills through play! Fine Motor Skills for us is hand work, strengthening the hand muscles and working on finger grips/grasps that will prove so useful as he gets older! Today we are using tweezers and coins, play dough and beads, and a thumb tack for paper punching! Make sure your fine motor activities for kids are fun, and you will have them practicing for a long time!

St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Activities for Kids: Play Dough Bead Search

I love play dough work for little hands. It is a wonderful hand strengthener and there are many ways to use play dough! Hiding beads in play dough is a fun way to work on finger grasp when picking out individual beads and transferring them to small a container. This is an easy set up and of course I chose green play dough and pushed in a nice handful of green pony beads for him to find with his fingers. Just manipulating the play dough itself is fun and inviting and he had to work hard to find all the beads. Some of the beads were well hidden! Also a rolling pin is wonderful for strength and proprioceptive sensory input for little ones! All of these fine motor activities for kids are sensory oriented as my son loves it best!

St Patricks Day Fine Motor Play Dough Activity


St Patricks Fine Motor Pipe Cleaner Beads


As we were finishing the play dough bead search, it dawned on me that these would be perfect on a pipe cleaner! He wanted to create an ABB pattern too! By all means, go for it! He filled the pipe cleaner.

St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Activities for Kids: Rice Sensory Bin Coin/Star Search

We re-used our Spring green colored rice for this fine motor activity. I put 20 gold coins and 20 confetti stars in the baking dish with the rice and gave him a pair of crocodile tweezers and a pair of small black tweezers. I also provided a small container for the coins and an ice cube tray for the stars. I enjoy that he knows what to do now and it tells me it is time to make things a little harder! He wanted to count the coins and he found one gold and one green star for each section of the ice cube tray!

St Patricks Day Fine Motor Activities Coins and Tweezers

St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Activities for Kids: Paper Punching Shamrock

We tried this simple activity last month and I had been meaning to do it again! I have been running our meat containers through the dish washer to save them for just these projects! I outlined a simple shamrock shape on a piece of card stock and gave him a thumb tack. This is one of my favorites for fine motor skills practice. Lots of small, precise punches to really work the fingers and build endurance! Flip it over when finished to see the outline from the punches.

St Patricks Day Fine Motor Punching Thumb Tack Activity

Practicing fine motor skills can be fun and simple to do anytime! We love simple to set up activities at home using what we have and a little creativity!

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Fine Motor Fridays Blog Hop



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