Successful Marriage How To Have One Without Really Trying

Do you think you have a successful marriage?

{I can only speak for my marriage and won’t claim to be an expert on yours, but I can share what I think makes my marriage a success. I am not polling my husband on this, but he’s still warming a spot next to me on the couch after 18 years so….}

Can I really tell you how to have a successful marriage without really trying? Probably not.  Can you have a successful marriage without really trying? Probably. 

 We all have not so good moments. Every successful marriage does. We all have to pick up, work out, put away and move on from those moments or else. We wouldn’t be human without those moments. Ultimately, these moments are a part of life and will happen. How we choose to accept these moments can determine the outcome of a successful marriage.



Successful Marriage Good and not so good

I simply love my husband for who he is and who he isn’t. That’s one solid way you can have a successful marriage without really trying. Does it sound fairy tale like? Maybe it does, but  I don’t have to worry about changing him into something he wasn’t meant to be changed into by me. Only he can do that! It actually makes it quite simple.

That alone takes a big load off my shoulders.

I married my husband for who he was and not for what I hoped he would become. Let’s face it. If I ever expected all the icky tissues, dirty dishes, and smelly socks to make it to the trash, sink and laundry by someone other than myself, I might has well of moved on 18 years ago.

A Little on Acceptance…

To have a successful marriage there needs to be acceptance. Are you capable of accepting your partner exactly as he or she is without secretly wishing that one day there will be a dramatic change? You can pretty much guarantee you will not have a successful marriage with that outlook.

Successful Marriage Love Someone Not Fix Someone

A marriage is not the time to fix another person. This person does not need to be fixed by you. This person does not need you to be their parent, care giver, or guardian. You need to be an equal partner complete with all of your own flaws that are equally accepted. That’s a successful marriage.

To think you can fix, change, manipulate, or re-wire another human being to be what you want in a marriage is exactly how not to have a successful marriage. The person you meet, the person you love, and the person you ultimately decide to spend the rest of your life with is a package deal.

Successful Marriage Based on Acceptance

Every person brings both their best and worst characteristics to a marriage. To have a successful marriage without really trying is to accept all of those characteristics. I will forever pick up my husband’s dirty socks {and many more yucky things} and he will forever eat plain baked chicken {and many more not so yummy dishes}. We accepted those characteristics along with the amazing ones. 

I am living a successful marriage with all it’s ups and downs.


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