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Simple Sensory Bin Book Play

Sensory bin play can be easy and affordable with the right ideas. I am on a journey to provide you with fun, economical and interactive ways to use a bag of rice and a large bin. I love to combine educational activities with fun play to making teaching stress free for everyone. Together we laugh, learn and bond over our bins of rice. You can too! What will you make today? See more super simple rice sensory bins here.

Supplies Needed:

  • A great book! We chose My Little People Farm.
  • Sensory bin filler. We chose rice. See more non food filler ideas here
  • Items that fit with the book. Such as farm animals for a farm book.
  • Add a bucket and scoop  for simple sensory play.


Simple Sensory Bin Play Ideas

  • Sing a song. We sand Old McDonald and used the props too!
  • Act out the story with the props
  • Count! We counted the farm animals
  • Sort the animals. Play hide and seek with the animals. Work on animal sounds. Feed the animals.
  • Enjoy dumping and filling

 I found these great popsicle stick figures at Making Learning Fun and animals to help with our story. You can use all sorts of pictures of your own or from magazines. Or have your kids draw their own or color ones that you draw! Add some fun farm animals and of course a bucket and a scoop!

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  1. I love sensory bins though I did not do enough of it with my daughter who is now almost 5! But I may just visit this idea and extend it to a Grammar Farm too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have a link to the Making Learning Fun website…but I’m having a really hard time finding the popsicle stick figures within the site. Could you please provide more details on how to get to those on the site? I LOVE that idea! Thanks!

  3. I changed the link so it will get you where you need to go! I am glad you liked the idea. If you look up book activities at that site you will see all the different ones!

  4. What great ideas! Play always makes the books come alive and mean more. Thank you for sharing on Sharing Saturday!!

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