Table Hockey Homemade Game Scoreboard Eye Droppers

Make a Simple Homemade Table Hockey Game 

What an excitingly simple table hockey game for tons of laughter.

What better way to practice fine motor skills than with a homemade table hockey game! We created our own version of table hockey with just a few simple materials. The laughter and fun was priceless! Plus we got to work on fine motor skills in a playful way. Be sure to check out last week’s popper ball game too!

Our Table Hockey game is made from a piece of Poster Board and Painter’s Tape

Table Hockey Homemade Game Board

I divided the board in half with a strip of tape and made a goal on either end. You can certainly be as creative as you want with your table hockey board! We used basters and an eye dropper {from our science kit} for our hockey sticks. We also tested out a pom pom versus a piece of crumpled paper for our pucks.

Table hockey squeezing eyedroppers to push paper into goal

Both the basters and the eye dropper promote great fine motor skills. Plus we worked on great hand-eye coordination to move our pucks around the table hockey board.

Table Hockey Game Homemade poster board game

I will honestly say the small eye dropper was the better stick. It puffed out big amounts of air! The baster was still fun, but I had to be quicker. It did level the playing field though.

Table Hockey homemade game squeezing eye droppers to score goals

We used a white board as our score board for our table hockey game. We were each responsible for keeping track of our points. More great fine motor skills with line marking! Great way to practice tally lines and one to one counting for math skills.

Table hockey score board

 Simple games bring great joy to family time! Perfect rainy day or any time play.

Make your own Table Hockey Game!


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