Top 10 Best Toys for Pretend Play!

top 10 pretend play preschool toys 2013

  Top 10 Preschool Pretend Play Toys!

  Our favorite pretend play toys!                                             

These are our 10 best preschool pretend play toys. We own each of these and some before he was three too like the duplos and the large blocks. They are tried, tested and true! He has a variety to explore and create with and these building toys have many years of play left. We love toys that will grow with him as he develops more independence and more skills.  Pretend play toys open up the imagination and create worlds of endless possibilities! I love watching Liam create fun scenarios, develop his thoughts and act them out for us! Make sure to check out our new 20 Best Gifts for Kids this year!

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Pretend Play Toy #1

Melissa & Doug Dress Up Costumes

We love dressing up and playing pretend veterinary hospital. These are all good sized costumes. I have a bigger four year old and they fit well. We also own the fireman and construction man costume. I added some extra little props from the dollar store and we had great fun taking care of animal patients! Check out our veterinary office set up here!

Pretend Play Toy # 2


This was a splurge for Liam for his birthday, but it is a wonderful set up. There are so many variations for play and fun to set up and create zoo scenes to act out. You can also purchase small zoo sets to compliment the large set like the zoo clinic also featured!  It is quite an impressive zoo with much to explore.

Pretend Play Toy #3

Wow Trucks

These trucks are hands down the most fun ever for 2 and up! They are kid powered and have a few fun accessories. They will roll on their own as you start pushing them (friction). Very durable. We have this one plus dexter the digger, dudley the dump truck, a fire truck, cement mixer, tractor and ambulance. This is an awesome set of trucks for a reasonable cost!

Pretend Play #4

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Farm

The older style fold and go farm by Melissa and Doug is awfully popular around here and works great with the TOOB brand animals! This is simple a great compact barn that can be easily carried around! We just add a tractor and some wooden blocks for hay! Here’s a farm play post to see the barn in action!

Pretend Play #5

 Thomas the Train


Thomas the Train Blue Mountain Quarry set is very popular around here. Liam enjoys all his trains and there are certainly varying levels of prices on Thomas the Train sets. You can easily get a smaller set for half the cost.  I have included three at different price points to get an idea. There are so many fun sets to match the movies too! This is a wonderful wooden, kid powered set to build upon and save for future engineers!

Pretend Play #6

 Green Toys Tool Kit and Learning Resources Measuring Tape

We have been putting together a tool box for pretend play. These are a couple of tools inside it. However, I went to home depot and made up a great kit for very little money including real tool box, workman’s apron, paint roller and paint can!

Pretend Play #7

Make a pretend play grocery store out of boxes and add some of these great toys or add to a collection you already have! See how we used free warehouse food boxes to make a mini grocery store here!

Pretend Play Toy #8

Pretend birthday parties are a big hit. Add some balloons to blow up, make some cards, set out some animals and have a birthday party whenever you want. These wooden sets have been wonderful additions to our pretend play ideas! Take a look at our Birthday in a box, independent play theme box here!


Pretend Play Toy #9

Daddy bought this for the two of them to do on vacation this summer and it was a real hit with the two of them. Although slightly older in age, Liam has the hang of setting it up with minimal help. The set up for us is also part of the fun! Lots to play with and we added a knights and dragon Toob for more play! Also mini pom poms work great for the catapult included. Made of heavy cardboard but it has been quite durable. I transfered all the pieces into a storage container for safe keeping when not in play!

Pretend Play Toy #10

Guidecraft Puppet Theater and Folkmanis Puppets


We have a table top pretend play puppet theater that is easy to pack up and store but lots of fun to play with whenever. I love folkmanis brand puppets and this monkey is a favorite of Liam’s. The other set I included is a great buy but we do not own it. I do have similar ones though! We own tons of the folkmanis finger puppets!


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