Where’s the big guy and what’s he up to as he prepares for the big day? We love to track Santa and see what he’s up to as we get closer to Christmas, and it’s especially fun a few days before. There are so many wonderful ways that you can apply technology to early learning. Tracking Santa is part of our 25 Days of Christmas STEM Countdown Calendar and perfect for a new family holiday tradition.


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Track Santa for a new family holiday tradition…

How can you track Santa this year and turn it into a cool STEM activity for kids? This will be such a fun activity for both the big and little kids in your house. Keep the magic of Santa alive for the little ones and create a cool STEM learning experience for the older kids that will keep them engaged.

Learn about the North Pole

  • What is the temperature there?
  • Do you know it’s in the ocean?
  • Do you know the North Pole spends 24 hours in daylight in the summer!
  • What kinds of animals live at the North Pole?

Be an investigator and learn more. Here you can find fun facts about Santa’s North Pole ,and here you can find North Pole facts for older kids who want to learn more.

Norad Santa Tracker on your computer {live December 1st} or use the free app.

Track Santa with up to the minute information from Norad. Check out where he has been and predict where he will go next.

Santa STEM Challenges

Try one or both of these fun STEM challenges and help Santa!

Use a Compass

Learn how to use a compass. Which way is North? Why not take it outside in the backyard or go for a short hike and practice your skills! Try some compass games this month.

Check out Christmas Astronomy here.

Check Out a Map

Print out a map of the North Pole {Antarctica} to study and learn geography. Also, pick up a world map to track Santa. Add push pins to locate places where Santa has already visited and use string to mark his route. Figure out where he is going to start first and see if you can map his route out for him. Map ideas for kids here and here. What time will he be arriving at your house? Better make sure to be in bed!

Check out Christmas Geography here.

Use a Clock (or Smart Device)

Keep track of time and learn about different time zones as you track Santa. How does Santa deliver all those presents on time? Track Santa and keep him on time! You can enter different areas into a smartphone to check out time zones.

Make Popcorn, and Hot Cocoa

Be prepared with snacks to track Santa! it’s hard work following him around. Popcorn science is a fun and easy STEM project to add to a favorite movie.

Have you checked out our fun and easy Christmas Science Labs?

What are the reindeer doing?

Not all the reindeer head out for the big night. Make sure to check out this live reindeer cam to see how Santa’s reindeer are enjoying their down time before the big night.

YouTube video

Create a fun new family holiday tradition this year!

See all our fun ideas for simple family traditions this holiday! Click photo.

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