The complete sensory play guide and resource for the best and easiest sensory play ideas and activities for kids. Tons of ideas for sensory bins, messy play, slimes, and more! All you need in one easy to use sensory play guide!

Ultimate Sensory Play Guide And Resource

Ultimate Tactile Sensory Play Guide And Resource

Complete Sensory play Resource Guide For Easy Hands-On Play

Fun play and learning for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids.

What Is Tactile Sensory Play?

When I think of tactile sensory play I think of touch and texture including temperature, vibration and pressure. Tactile sensory play is felt through out the nervous system and most directly through the skin (including the inside of the mouth). Some children may be highly sensitive to different textures and not so much to others. My son prefers less messy to more messy and some children want to cover their whole body in shaving cream. My son can’t wait to wash it off even the tiniest part of his hand. All children benefit from tactile sensory play as it is a wonderful way to regulate the sensory system. You can read more about this in my All About Sensory Bins article and also over at Lemon Lime Adventures: Tactile Input which is more in depth on tactile input for sensory processing.

Simple Tips For Creating A First Sensory Bin

These tips are intended for children who will not just eat the sensory bin, preferably late toddler/preschool age, but you can judge your own needs. My son DID NOT put things in his mouth and we started a rice bin at 11 months

Our favorite bin is one that is roughly 25 quarts, 24 x 15 x 6. This is a great size for many ages to use productively. It also handles a couple children  playing together (or a child and an adult!)

Try to put it on a low table for a child to comfortably stand and play. This has produced the longest play time for us (I sit at a small chair though!)

Start with a simple filler  (supervise children who might try to eat it please!) Or check out my non food fillers 

Add a cup/container and a scoop/shovel to start. Keep it simple to allow your child to enjoy the tactile experience. Dumping, filling, moving, scooping and transferring are all valuable skills!

Expect mess and model gentle play, read about mess here!


What I Have Learned Along The Way

  • Your child won’t like every sensory play bin you put together
  • Your child may need you to play with him/her in the sensory bin
  • Your child may not like certain textures; don’t force him/her to touch it but maybe provide a spoon
  • Your child will occasionally make a mess; turn it into a learning opportunity
  • Your child may explore the bin in a way you did not intend for it to be explored; go with it
  • Your child may play with it once and be ready to move on; you should to
  • Your child will be very very very excited for your sensory bins if you are too
  • Your child has the opportunity for so much learning through sensory play; don’t limit it
  • Your child will model your behavior, play and ideas; be a part of the fun
  • Your child does not need a Pinterest worthy sensory bin to reap the benefits of sensory play

How should you use this ultimate sensory play guide? Start here! 

 Must Read Article All About Sensory Bins: 5 Things You Should now

 How To Make Sensory Bins

Favorite Sensory Bin Fillers

Favorite Non Food Sensory Bin Fillers

Tactile Sensory Play Recipes

Homemade Slime Recipe

These articles are excellent places to start for gathering information and preparing to make or update your own sensory bins. Useful tips, tool and tricks to get you started or motivate you to continue your sensory play!

Awesome Collections To Try Out 

Every once in awhile I like to group together some of our sensory play ideas that fit a specific theme. I also like to gather great ideas from awesome bloggers to provide you with additional ideas surrounding a specific theme! Please note: When I create a roundup I always a look for ideas that I would want to try with my son. I only pick what I love!

Please click on each photo for more information.

25 Christmas Sensory Activities Play for Kids   Starch Slime Recipe Homemade Easy Slime Recipe   Cloud Dough Activities Quick Sensory Play Ideas   Christmas science side bar

40 Days Sensory Bin Fillers   ice play simple sensory activities round up    10 Water Play Sensory Bins Cover Photo  Fine Motor Sensory Bins


10 favorite sensory bins      Year Fizzing Erupting Baking Soda Science Activities For Kids   Play Dough Activities For Kids Simple Play Ideas All Year Long  50 Rice Sensory Bin Play Ideas


Easy Rice Sensory Play Around The house   Dinosaurs Preschool Play      20 books and sensory play ideas 2  15 Insect Sensory Bins Rice


fall books sensory bins   15 Must Try Letter Sensory Play Ideas Alphabet Hands On Learning  Harvest Theme Sensory Play Ideas  Water Tables Indoor Sensory Play Repurposed Water Table


4th of July Easy Sensory Play   6 Awesome Ocean Science Activities For Kids   Frogs Sensory Play and Activities   farm sensory play


Dry Sensory Bin Play (Individual Bins)

All of these sensory bins are our own ideas! Each of these use a dry filler for non-messy sensory play (well not messy on the hands anyway!) These sensory bins could be easily stored and rotated for anytime play.

Please click on each photo for additional information!


Winter Snowflake Sensory Play   Candy Cane Sensory Bin Rice Sensory Play   Christmas Ornament Sensory Play Activity   Evergreen Science Observation

Alphabet Halloween Sensory Bin Read and Play   harvest sensory bin for Is Sensory Play Expensive child led   Halloween Sensory Bin And Book Play   Spider sensory bin fine motor and math sensory play

Apple Wooden Beads Sensory Bin Fine Motor And Counting Skills   Farm Activities Playful Preschool   family tree activity playful preschool pre-writing and sensory play   fall harvest sensory play

fall activity discovery table exploring and learning activities   portable mini sensory bins fine motor skills set of four opened up   Maze Sensory Play Pre Writing Activity   Bear Says Thanks Sensory Play Bin Learning About Being Thankful

Apples And Pumpkins Fall Small World Sensory Bin Play   Ten Apples Sensory Bin Play Book And Bin Series With Ten Apples Up On Top   Earl Squirrel Fall Sensory Bin Play Book & Bin Series   farm book sensory play sensory bin

sensory bin tip kitchen play   engineering play with sand and pipes sensory play   mini alphabet sensory bins activity   4th Of July Sensory Search And find Activity

ocean sensory play and early learning activities   Lemon Scented Rice Olfactory Sensory Play Activity   texture balloons   engineering with legos sensory play activity

Lego Sensory Bin Play Activity   Earth Day Sensory Search   patriotic sensory play   Backyard Birdseed Sensory Bin Play

early learning sensory play to go   dinosaur discovery table   magnet science discovery table   Pirate Sensory Bin and Book Activity

rice sensory bin challenge activity cover      Paper Sensory Bin Play Activities   Easter Sensory Bin To Go  Fall Harvest Sensory Bin Play With Wooden Beads Gourds

Easter Letter Recognition Sensory Play   Cardboard Tube Recycle Sensory Bin & Ball Run Activity   bunny carrot sensory search and fine motor play activity   Bugs & Buttons Sensory Bin

Bug Sensory Play & Activity   Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail   Calming Bean Sensory Bin Activity   Dr Seuss Sensory Bin Rhyming Activity

craft sand sensory bin filler activity   green colored rice sensory bin   Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail  rainbows sensory bin colors sensory play   winter math sensory bin activity   filling hearts sensory bin activity  Valentines hearts sensory bin


Messy Sensory Play (Individual Bins)

Messy sensory play is something I try to sneak into our day but it is hard to do! My son does not like messy hands but every once in awhile it works! Messy sensory play usually can’t be reused. Some materials like cloud dough and moon sand will last longer than shaving cream or oobleck.

Click on the pictures for more information and get messy today!

Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough Sensory Play   Christmas Sand Foam Sensory Play 2 Ingredient Sensory Play   Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough Sensory Play


5 farm messy sensory play ideas   letter recognition shaving cream simple messy letter play   Messy Sensory Play Experiment Clean Mud Ball   Sand Foam Sensory Play Activity

Ivory Soap Foam Sensory Play Activity   Dirt Sensory Bin Challenge Activityengineering play with sand and pipes sensory play   Moon Sand Space Sensory Play

St Patricks Day Shaving Cream Playdate Activity   foam dough sensory play monsters   Exploring scented cloud dough   cloud dough sensory play activity

Water And Ice Sensory Play (Individual Bins)

Water and ice can be awesome, simple and frugal sensory play ideas for young children. Filling a container of water and handing out funnels, spoons, containers and other simple items make for easy, anytime play! Inside or out, this can be done anytime of the year! Ice is fun to melt and is also a great science lesson using fine motor skills!

Click on each photo for more information.

Winter Nature Ice Melt Science Sensory Experiment Water Sensory Play   Christmas Sensory Play with ornaments and water sensory bin play   Water Sensory Science Experiment with cotton balls   Cranberry Science Sensory Activity Fine Motor Play


Winter Ice Melt Frozen Hands Science Activity Santa's Frozen Hands   Peppermint water science sensory play   Candy Hearts Science Sink Boat Activity  Arctic Ice Sensory Play Winter Ice Melt Milk Container

proprioceptive sensory play with color mixing water play   ice play lemon lime scented sensory water play   Spider Ice Melt Science Water Sensory Play   Space Ice Melt Sensory Science Play

Icy Ocean Sensory Play   6 Awesome Ocean Science Activities For Kids   Ocean Recycling Cover Photo   Icy Super Hero Rescue Sensory Sink Activity

Dinosaur Eggs Frozen Sensory Play   Easter Egg Washing Sensory Play   Animal wash sensory play activity   Letter Sounds Activity With Sensory Play

alphabet letter wash sensory activity   4 frozen stars sensory play activities   Ivory Soap Foam Sensory Play Activity   Sensory Tray Play Activity

Water Beads

Water beads are unique and fun but also easy to find and inexpensive making them a must try sensory experience! Check out your local craft store as they are considered vase fillers.

Click on the photos for more information.

Christmas Fine Motor Sensory Play Water Beads Sensory Bin Mini Lights

Halloween Sensory Play With Water Beads Spiders And Eye Balls   water beads apples sensory bin play   St Patricks Day Sensory Bin Water Beads & Counting Game Activity   water beads search and find sensory play

water beads valentines sensory bin   water beads sensory bins   Planet Earth Sensory Bin   Water Beads Halloween Sensory Play

 Slimes And Ooblecks

This is our newest form of sensory play which has been loads of fun each time! These slimes all have a great texture for easy play (except bubbling slime)! 3 ingredients and you are good to go. Most can be made in under 5 mins!

Click on photos for details!

Rainbow Slime Recipe Spring Sensory Play Colored SlimeGold Sparkle Slime Sensory Play St Patricks Activity Gold Coins  Candy hearts obelisk science sensory Valentines activity

Valentines slime easy recipeLego Mixel Monster Slime Recipe Green SlimeSnow Dough Slime Dough Stretchy Slime Recipe Sensory PlayNinja Turtles Slime Recipe Sewer Slime Sensory Play

Candy Cane Slime Recipe Sensory Play Quick and Easy Slime  slime recipe for science playdate or party  Star Confetti Slime Sensory PlayArctic Slime Winter Sensory Play Homemade slime recipe

Snowman Slime Winter Sensory Play Frozen slime sidebar winter snowflake slime sidebarChristmas tree slime side bar

Glowing Slime Quick and Simple Slime Recipe That Glows In the DarkFall Bubbling Slime Sensory Play   Ghost Slime Jar   easy slime halloween sensory play ideas 3 ingredients   Easy Halloween Slime Dollar Store Sensory Play Dinosaur Activity Slime Sensory Play And Learn  Fall Slime Recipe Decorated With leaves and Sequins Oozing Down 2  Peppermint oobleck recipe science activity

Bat Easy Slime how to make Sensory Play   Spider Oobleck Science Sensory Play And Fine Motor Skills   Pumpkin Oobleck Science Sensory Play with Pumpkin guts   apple oobleck made with apple sauce solids liquids sensory science

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