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Coins Fine Motor Skills Activities


Perfect for  Sensory Input, Math Learning & Fine Motor Skills

Welcome to another great week of the Fine Motor Fridays Blog Hop! I love Fridays and our chance to show off some great fine motor activities for kids happening over here! Hands-on play really facilitates fine motor skills work. Learn through play, practice through play, and develop life long skills through play! Fine Motor Skills for us is hand work, strengthening the hand muscles and working on finger grips/grasps that will prove so useful as he gets older!

6 Simple Ideas for Play

Loose change for fine motor skills and hands on math learning

1. Feed The Piggy!

Liam has his favorite homemade piggy bank from school and loves to fill it whenever he finds change lying around the house. We had a leak under the sink and when cleaning it out, we found a bag of pennies. He emptied the wet bag, dried them and claimed them! He spent a nice chunk of time filling his bank.
coins fine motor skills homemade piggy bank 2. Play Dough Loose Change Fine Motor Search

I took our homemade coffee scented play dough and hid all sorts of coins in it. His job was to use his fingers and hand muscles to pry out the coins and collect them in a bowl. Lots of searching with fingers!coins fine motor skills play dough work coins play dough fine motor skills finger work

3. Building Towers Game: Who Can Build The Tallest Before It Topples!

Super simple! We used a three finger grasp to pick up pennies and make towers. We talked about making them steady and moving slowly and with control. Once the towers toppled, we had to find out how many pennies it took to make them topple! Lot’s of counting too! His tower was 34 pennies tall!coin fine motor skill tower making 4. Fill The Jar Game

Whoever filled the jar first wins! We used quarters for this on and stressed the three finger grasp as well. We rolled the die and counted the quarters until we reached the top of the jar (old spice jars)! He won! coins fine motor skills game

Bonus! Clean Up!

Of course, after play, you need to clean up. He screwed the lid back on his bear bank and deposited all the coins in the slot. Even clean up can be great for fine motor skills!coins fine motor skills clean up

5. Pinching Pennies Rice Sensory Bin Hunt & Count

This is an activity we did some time ago for fine motor skills and math play. Head over to here to read the full article. Simple and fun and a great way to use what you have!

coins fine motor skills penny hunt

6. Coins Fine Motor Skills Sensory Bin & Play from Lalymom. Read all about it at Lalymom!

What a cool idea from a wonderful blogger. I hope you will check out her play idea!coins lalymom sensory bin

6 Fun and Simple Activities Using Coins Fine Motor Skills and Learning! 

Marbles Are Great Too!

marble madness

Check Out Our Fine Motor Skills Page For More Ideas!

fine motor skills page

Fine Motor Fridays Blog Hop


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