Water Beads Sensory Bin Play

Preschool Sensory Play with Boats

Water beads are a wonderful sensory bin filler. They are wet and slippery but clean. They aren’t sticky and they don’t leave a film on your hands. Supposedly they are non toxic but we chose not to test that by eating them in our house! I find them at our local craft store, A.C. Moore. Inexpensive fun! I start them the night before I plan to use them and in the morning we wake up to plump water filled beads!

Getting Started with Water Beads Sensory Bin

This is the prep work. Cleaning the table, preparing the bin and letting the beads soak overnight. Liam enjoys the spray bottle (not so much the wiping until it’s dry)! Setting up the table and rolling up our sleeves is next. Then the exploring begins. We talked about boats and what they do and where they go. We had a submarine too for going under the water. He filled and dumped and buried boats. The 1/2 teaspoon holds one bead perfectly and is great for transferring to the little plate. This just feels so great on the hands and really excites the senses. He saw the bin and commented, “That’s the bin I always wanted!” I believe this might be his favorite. What do you think?

 I would say we had lots of fun and found a new sensory bin filler to play with today! Have you ever tried water beads?

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  1. Thank you for the comment! He really is into this one and I am hoping to turn this into a land, air, water montessori unit. Your shaving cream muffin tin has given me a great idea for this unit as well! (My friend has a different kind of water beads that go back in a tub and are always ready to use. Feel a bit different. Do you reuse your pellets or just throw them out? The last time I used them they sat to long and got quite smelly (did have a lid on them). I did read they could be reused…..

  2. It was a great choice on my part since he has had a decent amount of interest in it! I have used fish in the past. Thank you for coming over and checking it out. Stop by anytime!

  3. Water beads are a favorite here. We have left a water table full of them up for our youngest for a month or so now. He just goes and plays when he wants, and I find the girls playing sometimes too.

  4. Loved the idea of water beads! Was wondering where I could find them? especially the re-usable ones

  5. Any craft store really. You can by them in pellet form or already made in jugs. Fun to watch the pellet ones get bigger though!

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