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water beads search and find sensory play


Water Beads Search & Find Mini Animals

Our sensory play today included water beads! Water Beads are an awesome sensory experience if you haven’t tried them already. They are easily available in your local craft stores and can usually be found in the floral section. Water beads are technically vase fillers, but crafty moms know they are also fun to play with too! These water beads we used are sold already plumped in a jar but you can by them dehydrated and watch them grow with your child. Also very fun!

Why Use Sensory Play?

Sensory play is a very engaging form of play for young children. It can help any child become more in tune with his world and more engaged in an activity. Our son has SPD or sensory processing disorder and the use of sensory play with basic skills, makes a huge difference in interest and attendance to a task. Sensory play can be very grounding for a child who has difficulty in his environment, but for any child it is super fun!

Water Beads Sensory Play Set Up

I filled a shoebox size plastic container with the jar of water beads to prepare for our sensory play. I also set out one ice cube tray with 14 sections and a pair of child friendly connected chop sticks. I gathered the treasures making sure I had two of each to make pairs. You could do it with less (no pairs), more or however you want based on your child’s interest! I collect 28 items mostly mini animals (fun erasers work well too). The party store always has great things for sensory play!

water beads search find set up


Water Beads Sensory Play

I was hoping to encourage fine motor skills practice with the chopsticks, but I also knew I would be pushing his attention span! Good compromise? He used his fingers to look for items in the sensory bin thus getting the most out of the sensory play. Water beads are so cool feeling. They are not slimy but they do feel wet and don’t leave a residue on the hands. He appreciates that since he doesn’t like to get his hands messy at all!

water beads search and find exploring with hands

Then he used the chopsticks to move the items to the ice cube tray and make matches! He is still new to using chopsticks! They were a little awkward for him to handle but he worked very hard to complete the task!

water beads search and find tongs

My favorite! Sensory play and fine motor skills all in one! When he was finished he wanted to get his rescue robot to check out the scene of our sensory play. I can’t say whether or not the robot went for a dive! 😉

water beads search and find robot

What will your sensory play be today?

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zoo play fine motor skills

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