15+ Process Art Projects for Kids

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Process art focuses on the creative process rather than the final product or outcome.

Process art will… – Have few or no step-by-step instructions. – Have no sample to follow. – Have no right or wrong way to create. – Produce a final product that is unique. – Be child-directed.

How do you make process art work for preschoolers?  Here are a few ideas to support preschool learning through process art activities.

Fly swatter painting is great for toddlers who are still learning to use a paint brush.

Fly Swatter Painting

MARBLE PAINTING Can you paint with marbles? Absolutely! Get ready for art that’s a bit active, a bit silly, and a little messy.

SPLATTER PAINTING Kind of messy but a totally fun process art technique, kids will have a blast trying paint splatter!

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