Alphabet Halloween Sensory Bin: Halloween Read And Play

Halloween is so much fun and the perfect opportunity to build an easy Halloween sensory bin to go with favorite books.

Supplies Needed

– large bin/container to hold everything – filler: popping corn and black beans from the grocery store – dollar store goodies like skeletons, ghosts, spiders, webbing, decorative box – table scatter and colored gems – scrabble letter tiles

Simply dump the filler and the goodies! Set out on a low table or floor for easy play.

First, I always let him explore the contents as play as he likes to increase interest and meet tactile sensory needs. I then sat with him and we dug around together.

Alphabet Sensory Bin Activities

I would randomly pull up letters or ask him to grab me a specific letter. He also chose to spell his name.

We read the book together and decided we needed to fetch additional items I had “forgotten” like a unicorn, a dragon, lizard, toad, etc.

There are so many variations including spelling and using the book as a reference for word work!