Bubbling Brew Experiment

Mix up fizzy, bubbly brew in a cauldron fit for any little wizard or witch this Halloween season.

YOU WILL NEED: – a cauldron (or bowl) – baking soda – white vinegar – food coloring – dish soap – eyeballs

STEP 1. Add a heaping amount of baking soda to your bowl or cauldron.

STEP 2. Add a squirt of dish soap and food coloring to the baking soda.

STEP 3. Time to add your spooky Halloween eyeballs or other accessories into the cauldron.

STEP 4. Now go ahead and pour in white vinegar onto the baking soda and watch the bubbling brew start up!

This fizzy Halloween activity is all about a cool chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar.  This is a simple chemistry experiment for kids that is sure to create a love for science!