All you need is a base plate and a handful of basic bricks. Make it as easy or complicated as your imagination wants.

It is so fun to build a LEGO marble run and it is a perfect example of a STEM activity using basic bricks.

You don’t need a giant collection of bricks to build a marble tracks, but you do need marble or two.

This Lego marble run is so easy to build and super fun to play with for quite a few ages, at least 5 to 70 to be exact!

Here are some additional marble run challenges to try or elements to add: – Include a set amount of turns the marble must make before it reaches the finish line. – Create a tunnel or other feature the marble must travel through. – Build a ramp for the marble to go up and back down again.

YOU WILL NEED: – Basic LEGO bricks – Marbles – LEGO Base Plate

Add a piece, remove a piece, you might find a corner too tight for the marble to roll through, so you will need to rethink the design and change it around!

It can become a really cool problem-solving activity.  You could make just one path that will work to get to the finish, or you can make several!

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