Color Matching Activity For Easter

I am loving plastic Easter eggs this time of the year! They are everywhere and so inexpensive.

Turn color matching and fine motor skills into a festive experience for your kiddos. Try this super simple Easter color matching activity using only eggs and pompoms!

Grab some Easter eggs, pompoms or beads, and a pair of kid friendly tongs or chopsticks! These are fun chopsticks for eating and fine motor activities.

We used a tray from our {real} eggs and two containers, one for pom poms and one for the other half of the plastic eggs.

This easy to set up Easter fine motor activity is perfect for little hands. I love these kid friendly chopsticks while I encourage using the thumb and first two fingers to work!

Additionally, this Easter fine motor activity involved color matching! Not only did he have to concentrate on picking up the pompom, but he also had to drop it in the correct egg.

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