Egg In Vinegar Experiment For Kids

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Get ready to add this simple rubber egg activity to your science lesson plans this season! If you want to learn about a cool chemical reaction, let’s dig in.

This classic naked egg experiment is very cool and easy to set up. The only difficult part is waiting! A whole week in fact is what you need to wait.


– Raw Eggs – Household Vinegar – Jar/Vase

STEP 1:  Place an egg in the jar and cover with vinegar. You can color the vinegar for rainbow-colored rubber eggs too!

Step 2. Wait and watch! Notice the bubbles on the eggshell! This is the acid in the vinegar reacting with the calcium carbonate in the shell. 

STEP 3:  After 48 hours, remove the egg and rinse it off. Ours had a layer of brown scum that was easily washed away!

Now for the fun part, exploring the naked egg with your child! We gathered a few supplies such as a magnifying glass and a large flashlight.

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