Exploding Watermelon Volcano

Exploding Watermelon Volcano

This summer, try a WATERMELON-CANO! Plus, there’s no food waste! Oh, and if you want to learn about real volcanoes…we have that too!

STEP 1: Hollow out a small watermelon with a melon baller tool so you don’t waste the fruit! The kids will have fun with this part too!

STEP 2: To make your eruption for the watermelon volcano activity, add a good amount of baking soda to the watermelon. We had a tablespoon measure but put at least a half cup in to start.

STEP 3: Add a couple of squirts of dish soap. (you can add food color)

STEP 4: Pour vinegar straight into the watermelon and get ready to watch your watermelon erupt. The pictures speak for themselves!

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