Fizzing Moon Rocks Activity

STEP 1:  Add a few cups of baking soda to a bowl. This will be a recipe you play by ear depending on how many moon rocks you want to make!

STEP 2: In a separate container color the water as desired. We chose a dark spacey theme. Just remember once it mixes with the white baking soda, it won’t be as dark.

STEP 3: Slowly add the colored water to the baking soda a little bit at a time. Add a few shakes of glitter if desired.

STEP 4: Shape the mixture into your moon rocks. They don’t have to be perfect and can be any size. You can wrap in saran wrap to help keep the shape in the freezer.

STEP 5: Let them harden in the freezer for a half hour or more.

STEP 6: Put the moon rocks in a baking dish and set out a bowl of white vinegar with a pipette, baster, or squirt bottle.

STEP 7: Make them fizz! Using your chosen tool for experimenting, have your kids squirt some vinegar onto a moon rock and observe what happens! Because the moon rocks were frozen, they should last a bit longer during the fizzing step for more fun!

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