How To Make A Solar Oven

How To Make A Solar Oven

STEP 1. Trace your ruler around the top edges of the box to leave a even square and carefully cut out the top.

STEP 2. Wrap the cardboard square in foil and glue the edges to secure.

STEP 3. Open the box and glue the black construction paper to the bottom of the box.

STEP 4. On the inside on the lid, carefully glue a piece of plastic wrap over the opening.

STEP 5. Time to make your s’mores! Place four graham crackers down on the black paper, 3 chocolate squares and a marshmallows on top of each one.

STEP 6. Carefully close the plastic lid of the box and glue one side of the foil-wrapped cardboard on the top back of the box.

STEP 7. Glue a skewer on the top left corner of the foil-wrapped cardboard and place the other end through the plastic wrap to hold the foil-wrapped cardboard in place.

STEP 8. Place your DIY solar oven in the sun and wait 60 minutes to watch your marshmallows and chocolate melt.

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