Ice Fishing Science Experiment

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The best part of this icy winter science experiment is that you don’t need ice fishing gear or a frozen lake to enjoy it!

That means everyone can try it. Plus you have everything you need in the kitchen to get started.

This icy science experiment doesn’t have to be prepped ahead of time (unless you don’t have any ice cubes on hand). You could even make fun ice cubes with novelty ice cube trays.

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STEP 1. Add half a dozen or so ice cubes to a cup and fill with water. STEP 2. Lay the string over an ice cube.

STEP 3. Sprinkle salt over the string and ice. Wait 30-60 seconds. STEP 4. Gently pull the string. The ice should come along with it!

There’s a couple of things to keep in the back of your mind when you are doing this ice fishing experiment.

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