LEGO Balloon Car

LEGO building is so entertaining and this easy to make LEGO Balloon Car is a perfect example of how wonderful LEGO play is for kids {and adults}.

Combine simple science and engineering for STEM activities that will provide hours of fun and laughs!

YOU WILL NEED: – Basic LEGO bricks – Also, we love the LEGO Education Wheels Set {Great if you have a group of kids or a large family or a boy who loves to build tons of cars!} – Balloons – Small Tape Measure

Not only is this LEGO balloon car a great play experience it’s also a great learning experience! Lots of fun math and science to incorporate into this LEGO activity.

Explore simple concepts like force and motion. The balloon forces out air which puts the car into motion.

When the force slows down and eventually stops {empty balloon}, the car slows down and stops too.

A heavier car will need a greater force but may not travel as far as a lighter car which will require less force to go farther.

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