LEGO Marble Maze For Kids To Make

Building a LEGO marble maze out of basic bricks is a great STEM challenge for even young kids to get involved with too!

There’s lots to learn when you are building this LEGO marble maze! Planning, engineering, testing, problem solving, and designing are all a part of the process.

A Christmas theme LEGO marble maze is super easy to make. You don’t need fancy or special bricks so your basic LEGO collection will do just fine.

If you have multiple kids, have them race each other and use a timer.  Or have one kid build a maze for the other kid(s) to have a go at.

YOU WILL NEED: – LEGO base plate – assorted LEGO bricks – marble

HOW TO MAKE A MARBLE MAZE 1. The best way to start is to build a frame around the outside of the baseplate.

2. Make sure to leave 2 gaps, one for the start of the marble maze and one for the finish. Use your marble to measure how wide it needs to be.

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