Our LEGO STEM activities are easy to do at home or even at school because we try to use basic bricks or types of bricks you may already have.

LEGO is one of the best known toys around, but it’s so much more than a toy if you look closely.

LEGO can be used to teach mathematics, science, engineering, and even technology or what’s known as STEM!

If you take peek at some of our best LEGO activities, they might seem like an unconventional way to use LEGO. We spend a great deal of time free building from a large box, but we also have some inventive ways to play with our bricks and figures too.

Think outside the brick and see how else you can use your LEGO pieces. Build a volcano for a science experiment, carve a pumpkin and make a LEGO scene, or design parachutes for Minifigures and test them out.

LEGO STEM activities can keep everyone busy in so many ways. When you want to take a break from LEGO building, why not try some of our awesome science experiments for something different!

Try this fun symmetry challenge! Set up half a baseplate with an abstract image and have your kiddo complete it using the principles of symmetry!