LEGO Turkey Instructions For Thanksgiving

It’s not long till Thanksgiving! Here is a simple LEGO turkey you can build with basic bricks! Thanksgiving is always a blast around here and finding fun and creative ways to play with our LEGO pieces is a must.

BUILD A LEGO TURKEY TIP: Use our turkey design as an example if you don’t have the same bricks! Make your own creation.

You Will Need:  – 1 red 1×1 nose cone – 2 yellow 1×1 nose cones – 2 1×1 round eyes – 1 brown 1×2 brick with bow – 1 brown 1×1 plates – 1 black or brown 1×1 brick with 2 knobs – 1 brown 1×2 45º roof tile – 1 brown 3×3 cross plate – 1 brown 1×3 brick – 1 beige 1×1 brick with a knob – 1 brown or gold 2×2 flat plates with a knob – 1 yellow 1×2 flat plate with knob – 2 orange 1×2 plates – 2 red 1×3 plates – 1 yellow 1×2 plate – 2 brown 3×3 ¼ circle bricks

LEGO TURKEY INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1. Align the two 3×3 ¼ circle plates. Over the seam, press the yellow 1×2 flat plate with knob and the brown or gold 2×2 flat plate with knob.

STEP 2. To create the tail feathers, add one 1×2 orange plate to each corner of the 3×3 ¼ circle bricks. On the next knob on each side, add the red 1×3 plates. Finally, over the 1×2 plate with the knob in the middle, add the 1×2 yellow plate.

STEP 3. For the body of the turkey, place the cross plate on the 2×3 brick with one end of the cross plate extending to become the base for the turkey neck. On the back of the cross plate, add the 1×1 brick with a knob. This will be the connection to the tail.

STEP 4. To create the turkey neck and face, stack the 1×2 45º roof tile on the extended portion of the cross plate with the angle sliding towards the tail. On top of the roof tile knob, add the black (or brown) 1×1 brick with two knobs. Add an eye to each knob.

Snap the brown 1×2 brick with bow over the top of the black 1×1. Squeeze the two 1×1 plates together to form a cube and snap it under the bow. Attach the red nose cone under the cube to be the turkey’s waddle.