Monet Sunflowers Art For Kids

Explore sunflowers with Monet inspired art project that is perfect for many ages and budgets to try!

This totally do-able flower art activity is a simple way to dive into Impressionism and learn a little bit about art history in the process.

Claude Monet was a French artist who loved to draw as a child. Monet use of light in his artwork was unique as he tried to capture the changing colors of light.

MONET SUNFLOWERS SUPPLIES: – Sunflowers printable – Cotton swabs – Oil pastels – Watercolors – Paintbrush

INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1. Print Monet Sunflowers. STEP 2. Use oil pastels to color in the flowers, vase and table cloth.

STEP 3. Rub the oil pastels with cotton swabs to soften the look and blend the strokes.

STEP 4. Paint the background with water colors.

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