Paper Roll Drawing with Cars Simple Play Simple Play Paper Roll Drawing

Today is paper roll drawing simple play day! We don’t do a whole lot of drawing here and it isn’t a huge interest for my son. 

 However, with the paper roll drawing challenge today, I thought it might be fun to give it  another try. How to make it fun?

Paper Roll Drawing Simple Play Set Up

For our paper roll drawing adventure, I simply taped a long paper roll to the floor in the living room this morning, but I wanted to add a new element. I taped markers to some of our cars.

Paper Roll Drawing Making Lines & More

He enjoyed testing out the different cars and markers running them all along the length of the paper roll. He also used the black marker to draw zig zags for the cars to follow.

Dot markers made puddles for our paper roll drawing. He even was interested in playing connect the dots with the dot markers.

We ran the cars back and forth and all around. Not only just fun be we also worked on lines and following lines, so we had a bit of skills work too!  It was definitely a new experience for him with this simple play paper roll drawing activity!

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