Recycled Paper Earth Project

Recycling old paper into new paper is good for the environment. By recycling, you and your family can help reduce the world’s need for new paper and the industry’s toxic emissions.


– Old newspaper – Water – Blender – Food coloring – Strainer – Paper towels – Pan or dish – Oven

Cut up about a cup of newsprint into small strips.

Step 1:

STEP 2: Add the paper strips and a 1/2 cup of water into a blender.Blend the paper into a pulp. (Pulp is the major raw material used in papermaking.)

STEP 3: Pour this material into your strainer to remove the excess water. Use a spoon to press the pulp into the screen.

STEP 4: Place the circle of pulp onto a pile of paper towels and then place in an oven safe pan/dish.

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