How To Make Salt Dough Beads

Use this easy salt dough recipe to make these fun and colorful salt dough beads! Great for a hands-on craft activity for kids of all ages that uses simple and inexpensive supplies.


The art of the salt dough making is an ancient one, dating back to Egyptian times. It is a popular craft The art was used widely in home decoration, especially at festive times, much like today..

To make salt dough, flour and water is mixed with salt as a preservative and then the dough can be worked with kind of like clay.

The dough is baked at a low temperature for long enough to remove all the moisture and harden the finished product.

When the beads have cooled, paint them with acrylic paint and thread with string.

Most people use this for children’s crafts. The dough is easy to make, easy to work with, non-toxic, and can be made from things most people already have at home.

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