Santa’s Frozen Hands Ice Melt Activity

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What do you get when you fill a plastic glove with water and freeze? Simple but super cool science for kids of all ages!

Frozen hands are super easy to make! I love to create cool and festive Christmas activities for us to try out together.

Introduce some simple science concepts to this ice melt activity by talking about how the water changes from a liquid to a solid when it is frozen, and then back again to a liquid.


Swipe up to see the complete list of supplies needed! 


Make up your Santa hands and get them freezing right away! We were generous with the glitter and covered in it!

We loved melting the frozen hands to uncover the treasures inside. You will too! 

This will definitely keep the kids busy for the morning. When it’s all melted it turns into a lovely water sensory play bin too.

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