Our Halloween density experiment is perfect for your young mad scientist! Halloween is a fun time of year to try out classic science experiments with a spooky twist.

SUPPLIES – Tall Cup or Jar – Vegetable Oil – Water – Rubbing Alcohol – Corn Syrup – Food Coloring – Alka Seltzer Tablets – Eye Dropper

To get started, pour your vegetable oil into the cup or jar.

Once your kids have thought about what will happen when the liquids have been added and have made their predictions have them use an eyedropper to add water to the oil.

Once you have added your oil and water and made your observations, you can go ahead and pour the corn syrup into the cup.

Now it’s time to use an eyedropper again to add colored drops of rubbing alcohol to the cup.

Have fun adding more of each liquid during your density experiment. We kept going until we ran out of space in the cup.

Make sure to take a few minutes to observe and talk about this spooky density experiment.  A simple physics activity with a Halloween theme is a fun way to get kids loving science and eager to learn more.