Surface Tension Experiments For Kids

What is surface tension of water?

Surface tension exists on the surface of water because water molecules like to stick to each other.

Scientist, Agnes Pockels discovered the science of surface tension of fluids simply doing the dishes in her own kitchen. Pockels designed an apparatus known as the Pockels trough, a key instrument in the new discipline of surface science.

Here are some fun ways to demonstrate the surface tension of water:

Surface Tension Experiments

A fun science activity with pennies and water. How many drops of water do you think you can get on a penny?

Sprinkle some pepper in water and make it dance across the surface. Learn about the surface tension of water when you try this fun pepper and soap experiment with kids.

Geometric Bubbles

Explore surface tension while you blow bubbles! Make your own homemade bubble solution too!

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