Yarn Flowers

Transform everyday items into colorful yarn flowers this spring! This spring-themed art and craft activity works well for so many ages and is amazing for building fine motor skills as well as exploring new textures.

Turn cardboard and yarn into a neat way to create and learn about textile art while making a fun flower craft for kids.

YARN FLOWERS SUPPLIES: – Flower template – Card stock – Tape – Scissors – Pipe cleaners – Yarn – Buttons

INSTRUCTIONS: STEP 1: Print the flower template.

STEP 2: Cut the leaf and flower shapes out of various colors of card stock, using the template.

STEP 3: Tape a piece of colored yarn to a circle and wrap around the circle. STEP 4: Repeat for each circle and the leaves.

STEP 5: Glue a button in the center of each flower. STEP 6: Attach your flowers and leaves to the pipe cleaners with tape.

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