Zentangle Art Activity (Free Printable)

Combine zentangle art and tessellations for a fun art activity for kids. Draw zentangle patterns on our free tessellation printable using a few basic supplies.

A zentangle is an unplanned and structured pattern usually created on small square tiles in black and white. The patterns are called tangles.

You can make a tangle with one or a combinations of dots, lines, curves etc. Zentangle art can be very relaxing because there is no pressure to focus on the end result.

ZENTANGLE ART ACTIVITY SUPPLIES: – Printable Zentangle pattern – Fine tip marker – Scissors – Glue Stick – Ruler – Black paper

INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1: Print out the zentangle template.

STEP 2: Color your zentangles with different patterns using a marker. Think stripes, circles, waves!

STEP 3: Use a pencil to shade different areas to add interest and contrast to your design. STEP 4: Cut out your shapes.

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