Weight Loss Resolution

Weight Loss Resolution Not To Make and 10 Resolutions you should make

10 Simple Resolutions to Try Instead!

Every New Year comes around and every new year, hundreds of people make the same weight loss resolution. In fact, it’s already made well before New Years comes around. Do you make this same weight loss resolution right around Thanksgiving and spend the next 4-6 weeks enjoying the foods you don’t think you will ever be able to eat again? This is so common, but it has to stop. Not only is it a destructive way of thinking, you will probably set yourself back another 5 lbs. I am telling you that the #1 NEW YEARS RESOLUTION NOT To MAKE IS WEIGHT LOSS!

Your thinking… WHAT? Did she just say don’t lose weight?

I did say that, but I didn’t say that at the same time! Don’t make your New Years resolution simply be the standard WEIGHT LOSS GOAL of 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 pounds or whatever. Don’t make something you are currently struggling with, your New Years resolution! I know. I have been there and done that so many times. If you are determined to make weight loss your New Year’s resolution, start it now. Not on New Years {or after New Year’s day brunch}! Don’t give yourself an extra week to overindulge and feel entitled to do so because of the commitment you are about to make. I have done that too. Make wellness your ultimate goal by breaking it down into a few smaller resolutions that will all add up!

So how do I make weight loss resolutions that I can accomplish without burn out?

I have put together 10 simple weight loss resolutions that will help you to your goal of the ultimate weight loss resolutions without stressing you out. Plus you can start them today! Pick one, a few or all 10! {Please remember it’s always advisable to consult with a physician when you decide to start an exercise or nutrition program.} Even better, you can start these today and feel a week ahead of New Years day! You will see the ideas below say sometimes or one time. Start easy. Don’t demand of yourself that you do something every day. Ease into it so that it lasts forever. The trick is that eventually those ‘sometimes’ will become ‘most of the times’ and easy to accomplish as they become a lifestyle.

  1. Wake up with a glass of cool water and lemon to get the body started. The benefits are awesome and it’s so simple to do. Hydrate your body, your skin and give your metabolism a boost. Treat the inside of the body and the outside will benefit. Try to incorporate more water into each day. Find an awesome water bottle to keep with you!
  2. Pack your lunch sometimes. Knowing what you are eating as often as possible is better than choosing take out! Find a great lunch container that will inspire you to enjoy filling it up! Doesn’t have to be salad either!
  3. Find some sort of pedometer and move more. Don’t necessarily go and fork out a ton of money for a gym membership just yet! Definitely do so if you want to, but it will still be available down the road {and a little less crowded when others give up on their weight loss resolutions}! 10,000 steps is the goal! Each step adds up if you aren’t getting regular exercise now.
  4. Count your calories once a week. Get in the habit of at least learning about portion sizes and nutrition labels. This will help you all week long. I like my fitbit!
  5. Try at least one new recipe each week for healthy eating! Grab a binder and file them away if you enjoy them. By next year, you will have an awesome collection.
  6. Take time for yourself everyday to do something you love. Even if it’s as simple as exfoliating your face with your favorite scrub! How can you get more time, read how here. If you feel great, your goal will be that much easier!
  7. Give time to someone special each day, even if it’s only for 20 minutes. Your child, spouse, partner, pet, family member, etc. A small amount of dedicated time to show someone who you care will be worth it! Need more time in the day, here’s how to get more.
  8. Learn how to stretch. I personally love the foam roller. Stretching eases stress, muscle tension and discomfort. Tight muscles are no fun! Spending a few minutes most days can help you feel a bit more lively and more inclined to move. Check out some of the common foam roller exercises to try.
  9. Find clothes you love to wear that make you want to exercise. A good pair of sneakers is so important. Sneakers have a shelf life. 300 miles of active use {generally a few months} but at least once a year replace your sneaks! If you feel good in what you are wearing, you will get out there. Lots of sales out there now!
  10. Don’t wait for friends or relatives to join you. Learn how to go it alone. The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to do it by yourself. You have to live with you everyday!

Why should you believe what I have to say? Exactly, always question your sources! Before I became a stay at home mom, I was a certified  personal fitness trainer for 10 years. I helped countless woman in my own studio achieve results. I have also lost a whopping 100 pound myself. I started the 1st of November, 2001 and haven’t looked back since. I now compete competitively in powerlifting with my next competition in April. Consequently, I would love to lose 10 pounds this year by making small changes and building more muscle! More on that another time!

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